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Why it’s important to tell your mechanic/technician about work recently done to your vehicle

  • When you stick with one mechanic it will save you time and money due to the fact that they are familiar with your vehicle and past work performed.  If you decide to switch mechanics it could you save you tons of money if you communicate everything that any previous technician has done.
  • The main reasons to disclose all previous repair work are:
  • To aid in diagnosis
    • Possibility for cause of current problem
      • Improper installation
      • Generalize area of concern
  • To prevent redundant repairs
    • Possibility of misdiagnosis
    • Saves time and money


When an automotive technician is attempting to diagnose a customer’s concern, they methodically sort through the system that pertains to the concern. For example, if an A/C isn’t blowing cold air, the technician will check the components of the A/C system: compressor, A/C lines, sensors, freon level and pressures, electrical connections and components, etc.  The difficulty, in some cases, is when an unrelated system affects another due to recent repairs at another shop or work performed by Jr’s cousin’s uncle who moonlights as a mechanic.

The current concern could be the result of the previous work performed. If the technician is made aware of the previous work, they can look for improper installation, damage, or incorrect parts. This can save on diagnosis time.

Another aspect of this situation is the possibility of misdiagnosis and performing redundant repairs. If the technician notices what appears to be a fluid leak, they may quote the customer on a job, when in actuality it is simply residual fluid from the previous repair that was not completely cleaned. This confusion could lead the customer to believe either (1) the previous repair was not performed or (2) the current technician is not to be trusted. In this business, a technician’s reputation is extremely important. Once a tech is labeled untrustworthy, their reputation begins to suffer.

When a customer fully discloses all recently performed work, a technician is better able to perform their job. The possibility of misdiagnosis is reduced. The cost of time is reduced. And most importantly, trust between the technician and customer is maintained. 

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