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  • Why do I need to flush antifreeze\coolant?

    Posted on 16, May, 2016

    Antifreeze (also known as engine coolant) has three major functions.  The first of course is to cool the engine down.  Without antifreeze your engine will very quickly suffer catastrophic damage.  The second function of antifreeze is to keep the coolant in the engine from freezing (It's like the function is right in the name!  Weird right?).  If the coolant were to freeze inside the engine it would expand and crack the engine on the inside.  The third function a... read more

  • Why do I need to flush my transmission?

    Posted on 16, May, 2016

    Transmission fluid has many functions.  The fluid is used to put pressure on certain clutches and plates inside the transmission which causes the motion of your vehicle.  It is also circulated through the radiator to cool the transmission.   Over the life of a vehicle the transmission fluid is put through large amounts of abuse.  Whenever transmission fluid breaks down it loses its ability to cool the transmission properly.  It will also pick up debris which will be ci... read more

  • Why do so many mechanics recommend work on my car? It seems to be running just fine.

    Posted on 25, April, 2016

    Numerous studies have been performed on this subject.  One such study claims when a vehicle has regular maintenance performed it will save you $0.10 per mile driven.  That adds up to $300 dollars in savings between oil changes when you change your oil every 3000 miles.  Why is this you ask?  $300 for a transmission flush for a vehicle with these new super expensive fully synthetic transmission fluids seems like a ton of money.  When you compare that $300 for a tran... read more

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