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  • Why do so many mechanics recommend work on my car? It seems to be running just fine.

    Posted on 25, April, 2016

    Numerous studies have been performed on this subject.  One such study claims when a vehicle has regular maintenance performed it will save you $0.10 per mile driven.  That adds up to $300 dollars in savings between oil changes when you change your oil every 3000 miles.  Why is this you ask?  $300 for a transmission flush for a vehicle with these new super expensive fully synthetic transmission fluids seems like a ton of money.  When you compare that $300 for a tran... read more

  • My tires are wearing out quickly and unevenly. What is the problem?

    Posted on 22, April, 2016

    The main reason for uneven tire wear or quickly worn tires is alignment.  As suspension components wear out over time and mileage, the slack caused will change the angles of the tires.  This effectively causes the tire to drag across the road rather than roll straight forward.  As the suspension continues to wear the vehicle will become unsafe to drive due to the inability to control the direction of travel.  In extreme cases a component such as a ball joint or tie rod end wi... read more

  • Why is my check engine light on?

    Posted on 21, April, 2016

    Have you ever had somebody tell you “don’t worry about that light”?  I am here to tell you they are wrong.  The check engine light is also known as a malfunction indicator light (MIL for short), and it means the engine computer has seen a fault in your vehicle systems.  There are literally thousands of reasons a check engine light will come on.  Yes, some malfunctions are more detrimental than others but they are all important for a safe, reliable, and effic... read more

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