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  • My vehicle vibrates when braking! Help!

    Posted on 05, May, 2016

    Ever wondered what is happening when your car vibrates when you hit the brakes?  When you operate your brakes it creates an immense amount of heat in the brake rotor.  This heat can cause the metal to warp especially after hitting a puddle with some cold water in it after the brakes are already hot.  When the metal warps it can cause uneven contact between the brake pad and the brake rotor.  This is felt  in the steering wheel if it is your front brakes and the body of t... read more

  • Why are my brakes squealing?

    Posted on 05, May, 2016

    There are many causes for brakes to squeal.  We will cover the three most common in this article.   The number one cause of brake squealing is worn brakes.  The brake pads of today come with a small piece of metal that hangs off the side of the pad which is designed to squeal whenever your brakes are thin enough to need replacement.  It is a nice design feature that allows you to change your pads before any damage occurs to the brake rotor.   The second most common c... read more

  • My Check engine light is blinking! What does that mean?

    Posted on 05, May, 2016

    The check engine light is designed to turn on when there is a fault in your vehicle systems.  When it blinks the fault has become detrimental enough to cause damage to the catalytic convertors.  Most often the light will blink due to a misfire significant enough to cause excess amounts of fuel to dump into the exhaust system.  This excess amount of fuel is then burned in the catalytic convertors causing them to superheat.  This can cause the substrate in the convertors to mel... read more

  • Why is my AC not blowing cold?

    Posted on 27, April, 2016

    The air conditioning system in a vehicle is subjected to much more abuse than your typical household AC system.  Between the constant hot and cold cycles of the engine, the harsh vibrations over pot hole infested roads, and the constant dirt and debris there are a number of things that can go wrong.  These are just a few of the most common causes for AC failure.   Number 1 on the list is loss of freon.  Rubber hoses, seals, and valves are all common areas where freon will e... read more

  • Why it’s important to tell your mechanic/technician about work recently done to your vehicle

    Posted on 26, April, 2016

    When you stick with one mechanic it will save you time and money due to the fact that they are familiar with your vehicle and past work performed.  If you decide to switch mechanics it could you save you tons of money if you communicate everything that any previous technician has done. The main reasons to disclose all previous repair work are: To aid in diagnosis Possibility for cause of current problem Improper installation Generalize area of concern To prevent redundant repai... read more

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